Registration Process


Dog Park assessment  

Here is a brief outline of the steps for registering your dogs with UNLEASHED and booking the required behaviour assessment for your dog(s).

  • Register Owner and Pet details on SPOT! Website registration online form.
  • Call SPOT! daycare to book the behaviour assessment date and time.
  • Ensure up to date vaccination records and pet passport are with you at the assessment. 
  • Dog attends behaviour assessment on agreed date and time.

    Important Requirements for Behaviour Assessment and access to the park:

    1. ALL dogs must have up to date annual vaccinations including kennel cough (Rabies, DHPPi, Bordetella and any boosters)
    2.  Banned breeds cannot currently be assessed by our daycare for the park.
    3. Un-neutered males cannot currently be assessed by our daycare for the park over the age of 11 months.
    4. If you have an un-neutered male please refer to the contact information below for Dog Tags Training who will conduct this assessment at the park. 
    5. Puppies should be aged 4 months + and vaccinated before they can be assessed.

    How to Book Assessments for Un-neutered adult males?

    If your male dog is un-neutered and over 10 months old we have arranged a separate process for their behaviour assessment.


    1. Register Owner and Pet details on SPOT! Website registration online form.
    2. Call Dog Tags Training to book your un-neutered dogs behaviour assessment which will take place at the UNLEASHED dog park.
    3. Fee for assessment is 300 AED which must be paid in advance. If your dog passes the assessment then 100 AED of this fee is used as credit for the park.
    4. Bring up to date vaccination records to the assessment at the park. Please check they are in date before booking your assessment. 


    "Our priority is to ensure dogs are safe to play together off the lead in the park and a dog displaying signs of aggressive behaviour whether neutered/un-neutered will not pass the assessment. We will recommend further training for dogs that aren't yet ready for an off-lead environment, we believe that dogs unwanted behaviours can be corrected with the proper training protocol. "

    Step 1: Register Owner & Dog Information for UNLEASHED



    Registration on Spot website

    2. Select "Are you a new customer"

    New customer Sign Up

    3. Complete Owner Details

    New Customer Details Unleashed


    4. Complete Dog Details:

    Pet name, age, breed, weight, emergency contacts, VET details and your description of their behaviour. 

    5. More than 1 dog? Press Save and add another animal

    6. Sign Agreement 

    The agreement is acknowledging that your dog has up to date vaccinations. It covers aspects of daycare if you decide in the future to use their services for daycare.

    Final Step: 

    1. Call or Message SPOT! Daycare to Book your dogs assessment

    It is not possible to turn up without booking an appointment for the assessment or without having completed the registration process. To avoid disappointment please call or message on the numbers provided below.


    Tel: +971(4) 347-60 20


    +971 (0) 58 570 7768

     Already with SPOT! daycare? 

    If you are already using Spot daycare, please call the team at SPOT! to inform them that you wish to be added to the UNLEASHED park register and they will let you know if your dog needs to be re-assessed.

    If your dog hasn't attended daycare for several months, we require a re- assessment so please check with them first.

     2. For Un-Neutered Males. Call Dog Tags Training
    to book the assessment

    After you have completed the online registration as described above, please call Dog Tags Training and they will book you for the behaviour assessment. You MUST bring up to date vaccination records to the assessment!

    Phone: +971 (0) 50 170 7460
    Booking Hours: Sunday to Thursday 9am-5pm
    (Please only call to book the assessment during these hours of operation)

    *Payment is required in advance to secure your booking. AED 300 for the assessment, and upon passing 100AED of this fee is used as credit for the park. 

    After Registration & Assessment :

    Congratulations! you can now go to the park!

    On arrival please check in with the team there to have an induction and read the park rules, T&Cs and pay entry before going into the park. We will check the system to ensure that vaccination records are in-date and that the assessment has been passed. 

    • Choose from 4 Membership Packages (Day-Multi Day-Monthly-Season)
    • Pay for park pass & Receive Membership Pack ( Sign T&C of the park)


    If you need more information on booking or assessments, we welcome all questions here.