The Big Adopt: Adoption Day 1st Feb

We are hosting an adoption day. A big one! 


When: Saturday 1st February 2020
Where: UNLEASHED Dog Park, Umm Suqeim (inside Dubai Police Academy Park)
Time: 1pm-4pm
With: 30 dogs in need from Al Mayya K9 Rescue and dogs from Animals & Us Fujairah,55.1949145,17.12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3e5f6bb1032e7b5b:0xf3951c0e74d8c569!8m2!3d25.126683!4d55.1962107

What to expect:

If you have never attended an adoption day then NOW is the time. An adoption day is a dedicated day for dogs in need to help find as many of them a forever home as possible. Spending most of their days in rescue shelters an adoption day is their only opportunity to be seen and considered. 

We hear lots of people say "I cannot go to adoption days as I will end up coming home with 10 dogs." However, this is not possible as there are a few steps in the adoption process to ensure people are committed to taking full care of their new family member so don't let that stop you heading down to show your support.

Set up on the day:

The benefit of hosting at UNLEASHED is the huge open green space, we will be able to accommodate all 30 dogs in a comfortable un-crowded setting so that they can feel relaxed and safe in our securely fenced area. You may see some dogs in their crates & others on the lead walking around with their carers. 

Some dogs can get overwhelmed by a sudden change to their quiet days in their rescue pen. PLEASE don't let this make you overlook them if they appear shy and confused at an adoption event as remember this is very different to a typical day for them.

Rescue Dog

Picture above: Bear the rescue dog looking very sad! Howl & Growl adopted him in 2018 at our first hosted adoption day with Al Mayya. 

Dog running

Picture above: BEAR now!! loving life and running free at UNLEASHED dog park. You'd never know he had a rough start in life! 

 Meet the pack...

Here are some of the dogs that will be at The Big Adopt event. This may change if some hopefuls get adopted between now and the event. There will be more dogs that we don't yet have photos of but judging by this line up, they will all be very popular!

Dog Adoption Day Dubai

Akira, Alex, Arty, Arya, Bianca and Bingo like all the dogs coming to the adoption event have basic training and here they are sitting nicely for their adoption photo. Al Mayya work very hard at getting dogs ready for a new home. 

 Dogs Adoption Day Dubai

Blake, Brandy, Bri, Bruno, Caramel and Carlos. A lot of dogs that have ended up with Al Mayya were once chosen by their former owners as cute puppies and then soon discarded when they grew somewhat bigger.

Dog Adoption day dubai  

Meet Cookie, Domino, Cooper, Donut, Leo and Lily. There will be a mix of little and large, fluffy and short haired, puppies and adult dogs, with several different breeds at the adoption event. 

 dubai dogs adoption day

Meet Lucca, Luna baby, Mika, Mila, Milky and Penny. Adoption dogs really do make the best pets. Please get rid of any stigmas that rescue dogs were abandoned because they are naughty. This is NOT the case. Come and hear their stories from the team at The Big Adopt on Feb 1st. 

Dubai Dog adoption

Princess, Repeal, Rocky, Talia and Troy. Eyes full of hope! They have so much love to give and you will not regret letting a dog into your life. We believe that about 100,000 dog owners in Dubai can back up this statement!


Other ways to help at The Big Adopt?

All shelters in the UAE need to feed, transport and care for the dogs and their facility. You can donate to registered charities directly though their official channels but you can also donate supplies at our adoption day. 

List of Supplies:

You can bring the following items to The Big Adopt and we will transport them to the shelters. 

1. Un-opened dog food donations
2. Dog Crates
3. Cleaning supplies

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