The Underdog Scheme

An initiative that finds creative ways to give back to the dogs and cats in need within our region and supports the organisations that take them under their care. We will find new ways to reward and celebrate those that make the decision to adopt and rescue animals. 

Starting With This...

In collaboration with our friends at Hiro & Wolf. We are giving a FREE collar to rescue dogs from shelters in the region.  Hiro & Wolf kindly donated to us a whole bunch of Hound and Dog Collars reserved for rescues (how cool is that!)

From May 2019 FREE Hound Collars and Dog Collars will be gifted to newly adopted rescues whilst stocks last. Our way of saying well done and thank you when opting for adopting and supporting the underdog. 

A collar that becomes a symbol that they belong, are loved and no longer alone.

How To Redeem

  1. Share the adoption certificate with us to help identify your dog as having been rescued/adopted
  2. Arrange a fit session for your dog and collect your FREE collar from Howl & Growl. 
  3. Contact us here to arrange or email

Adoption Dog wearing striped Dog Collar

Pile of Hound Collars for Adoption dogs

 Saluki wearing pink hound collar







 (Picture Left to Right): Louie adopted from K9 Friends and Afra adopted from UAQ Stray Dogs Centre, proudly wearing their underdog collars).

Why we started the underdog scheme?

Did you know there are more than 1000 dogs & cats in the region that don’t have a home?

This isn’t a new statistic but it is a growing one. Seeing an animal broken and depressed is tough, and something that is seen all too often in the region. Below are just a few images and stories that we have personally encountered.

Some of the worst cases are seen by organisations such as PARA and Stray Dogs Centre UAQ, which rehabilitate dogs with deliberate gun shot wounds, paralysis from being hit by cars and severe cases of abuse and malnutrition.

‘A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.’
‘A person (or animal) with little status in society’

Read more about some of our first rescues and see their transformation pictures.


Bear the dog, scared and depressed hoping for a home at our first ever adoption event. Marmalade the puppy after being rescued off the streets of Al Quoz and Gizmo the stray kitten found in a bin looking for food.

Bear (pictured first) was hoping to be adopted but nobody put their name down. He was originally rescued by animal rescuers Al Mayya UAE all the way from South Korea. 

Sometimes the saddest dogs get overlooked at adoption days.

 Bear the dog in adoption cageMarmalade the rescue dogRescue kitten in cage








With love, patience and a bit of time the transformation was incredible. From sad, depressed, hungry, tick ridden, dehydrated and tired baby animals alone.

Look at them now..

adopted dog running on beachadopted dog learns to sitrescue kitten adopted









Seeing transformations such as Bear, Marmalade and Gizmo's, makes this a cause we will support for as long as we can.

'Always support the underdog'

Donate Supplies

Shelters need your continued support by donating food, cleaning supplies, travel crates, beds, blankets, collars, leads, bowls, to help these forgotten strays and abandoned pets have a chance for adoption. It's a sad reality that some are in shelters for years on end.

If you have a suitable item you would like to donate you can bring them to our Howl & Growl HQ in Al Quoz and we will distribute to the shelters.

If donating food. We can only accept un-opened canned or packet food items.


Hound collars are most suitable for long necks such as those of desert dogs, salukis, whippet and sighthound breeds. We have a limited amount of regular dog collars so first come first served.

Eligibility: These collars are reserved for recent or upcoming rescues within the UAE i.e those going through adoption process with organisations such as PARA, UAQ Stray Dogs Centre, K9 Friends, Saluki Rescue Arabia, SNIFF, 38 Smiles, Animal Action etc.