Mia Cara

Perla Cat Cave

Dhs. 1,285

A protected cosy space for your cat to hide and sleep and a beautiful contemporary piece of furniture for your home. A rattan frame cat bed, with rope detail and a super soft cotton blend cushion.

Size: Height 55.6 cm x 55.6 cm (B X H), Entrance Ø18 cm

Washing: Inner cushion should be washed with a very mild detergent and not highly chlorinated/chemically aggressive additives. Remove as much water as you can with spin cycle. Best results through air drying but can be tumble dryed at 60ºC but do not over dry. Plumping up cushion regularly allows it to keep its fluffiness and shape. 

Cover: Brush off dust regularly so it doesn't sink deeper into the fabric. Machine washable up to 60ºC or dry clean. Air dry on a rack, don't tumble dry. Cover can be ironed on the lowest setting. 


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