Nice Digs

Tiggy Leather Lead - Aqua Violet

Dhs. 145 Dhs. 185

Introducing the stylish Tiggy lead. Made of lightweight, durable hand painted vegetable tanned leather, and finished with gold hardware including a cool ‘Nice Digs’ Charm. The gold D ring can be used to clip the lead around a bag or a person when not in use, and also makes the perfect hanging spot for one of our Howl & Growl Poo bag holders.

Size: 125 cm / 2cm width

Leather will patina over time with exposure to the elements. Normal wear will darken the leather as air, oils of your dogs skin contact the product. Prolong the natural look of this lead by avoiding chemicals and water. The developing rich dark colour contrasts even more with the bold lilac, turquoise and black painted design.

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